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Russian Mathematical Surveys, 2017, vol. 1 (433), p. 179 - 181

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Arithmetic Hyperbolic Reflection Groups

This is an attempt to collect some results concerning classification of arithmetic hyperbolic reflection groups and reflective hyperbolic lattices. This page is under construction. Any suggestions and corrections are welcome.

Description of my research interests and some open problems in Geometry of Hyperbolic Reflection Groups (in Russian)

В этом разделе приведено описание моих научных исследований и возможных тем для дипломных и курсовых работ. Я занимаюсь гиперболической геометрией и геометрической теорией групп, а если точнее, то дискретными группами отражений в пространствах Лобачевского и классификацией рефлективных гиперболических решёток.

Hyperbolic Coxeter Polytopes

This is an attempt to collect some results concerning classification and properties of hyperbolic Coxeter polytopes. This page is maintained by Anna Felikson and Pavel Tumarkin. The idea of the page is suggested by Ruth Kellerhals.

Vinberg's Algorithm'

This is a joint project with Alexander Perepechko of the software implementation of Vinberg’s Algorithm


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